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Jade Quaze - Character Rig

This character rig has gone through many iterations over the past 2 years, as it has been essentially the benchmark for the knowledge that I picked up over the years.

Version 1


-Biped IK/FK Arms & Legs

-Knee and Elbow Pinning

-FK Pinned Forearm

-Smart Foot Roll

-Ribbon Face Rig

-Render Pass Matte Control

-Weapon Transform Control

-Sine Breeze Control

Version 2

Additional Functionality:

-IK/FK Matching Script

-Blink Control

-Cheek Region Control

-Lip Region Control

-Ear Controls

-Fleshy Eye

-Refined Skin Weights

Version 3

Additional Functionality:

-Teeth and Tongue Controls 

-Flannel Attachment to Body

-Hair Major Rotation Control

-Hair Parent Pinner

-IK Arm Space Switcher

Functionality Spotlight

Face Rig:

-Ribbon Cheek, Lips, Eyelids and Brows

-Blink Controls

-Eyelids Follow Geometry

-Fleshy Eyes

Hair Rig:

-Major Rotation Control for Bangs

-Space Switcher for Main Volume of hair

-Segment Controls for Hair

Smart Foot Roll:

-Foot Roll Controled by One Attribute

-Toe Lift/Ball Roll Control by Two 


Breeze Control:

-Sine Wave Deformers to Cause a Natural

Breeze Effect

-All Attributes of Sine Wve are


Hand Rig:

-Palm Raise and Roll Attributes

-Hand Pose Set Driven Keys

-Finger Pose Set Driven Keys

IK/FK Match App:

-Allows Immediate Matching and Switch

between all IK or FK Setups

-Allows Matching of FK and IK Fo

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