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Biped Character Auto-Rigger

This idea originally spawned from needing to rig 6 background characters for the Senior Film I'm in, so I thought that building a quick and easy to use Auto-Rigger would allow for an easy setup of a rig.

V1: Biped Spine and Legs


-Biped IK/FK Legs

-IK/FK Spine

-FK Head

-Global Scale

V2: Complete Biped Setup

Added Functionality:

-IK Arms (w/ Elbow Pin, and Stretchy)

-FK Clavicle

-Elbow Pinned FK Forearm

-Eye Aim & FK Controls

V3: Isolated Ribbon Setup

Added Functionality:

-Ribbon Creation from Selected Edge Loop

-Creation of Controls from Specified Control Count

V4: Biped GUI WIP 1

Added Functionality:

-Proxy Skeleton for Auto-Rig are Joints instead of Locators

-Creation of an Organized GUI

-Bendy Controls added to limbs

V5: Biped GUI WIP 2

Added Functionality:

-Button to Create an FK Rig from Selected Joints

-Button to Create a Proxy Joint Setup for a Spine

-Button to Create an IK/FK Spine Rig from those Proxy Joints

V6: Biped GUI WIP 3

Added Functionality:

-Button to Create a Single Control that manipulates the Attributes of selected Controls

-Refinements to the Auto-Rig to account for the Rotations applied to Joints

V6: Biped GUI WIP 4

Added Functionality:

-Text Fields to Determine the amount of joints in an Area of the 


-Text Fields to determine the 3 Key features for the Ribbon Auto Rigger.

-Button to Auto-Load the Edge Loop for the Ribbon Rig.

-Text Field to Determine the amount of Joints in a Spine Rig.

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